Angličtina pro dceru: School Subjects


Read and say what these abbreviations stand for:

ICT Information and Communication Technology
PE Physical Education
RE Religion

Match the school subjects with the right buzz words:

Czech Mother Tongue
English Foreign Language
Maths Numbers
Biology Human Body; Animals; Flowers
History Dates, Events, Famous People in the Past
Geography Countries
Citizinship Patriotism
Chemistry Jaroslav Heyrovský
Physics Sir Isaac Newton
PE Sports and Games
Music Songs
RE Worldviews
Arts & Crafts Creativity; Drawing

Match the buzz words with the right school subjects:

First Language Czech
Second Language English
Numbers Maths
Human Body; Animals; Flowers Biology
Dates, Events, Famous People in the Past History
Countries Geography
Patriotism Citizinship/ Civics
Jaroslav Heyrovský; explosions:-) Chemistry
Sir Isaac Newton Physics
Sports and Games Physical Education
Singing Songs; Musical Instruments Music
Worldviews; Ethics Religion
Creativity; Drawing Arts and Crafts

Please note
Pronunciation of "ch" in English
In English the "ch" is never pronounced [ch/ x] like it is in Czech.
There are three options [k, č/ tʃ, š/ʃ] which can occur.
They are shown in the following sentence:
Chris chooses Champagne.
Chris - Technology, Chemistry, Czech, school

School Subject by British Council

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