Reviews of our Czech Language Courses in Prague and in Olomouc

We chose a couple of views from anonymous evaluation questionnaires which participants can fill out to show our Czech Courses in Prague and in Olomouc from their perspective.

Did the Mozaika Czech Course meet your expectations? What is your overall impression?

The Czech Course absolutely met my expectations. The lectures were well-organised, I am satisfied.

Yes, it did. I think that it helped me a lot with my Czech grammar and I have learnt a lot of new words.

This Czech course was super, especially the grammar part and that we have spoken a lot. I also liked the trips.

Overall, the Czech Course met my expectations. Obviously it will take much more time and effort to master the grammar I was taught. But at least I can find my way now. It really helped me to understand the Czech grammar. I was very happy with the teacher, she did a good job.

The Czech Course was very good for me. I have had no experience in speaking and listening česky at all. I got this during the course. I also learned grammar and words.

I really appreciated the course, it was a pleasure to talk about different subjects. See you next course!

Yes, dedicated teachers

What do you find very good?

Using Czech only – English only when it was really necessary.

The classes were very good,
the learning materials
and speaking always in Czech.

Conversation and grammar lessons, small group.

Alena knows how to motivate people. The Course is very well-organised.

The teachers always speak and explain things in Czech, which helps to learn quickly. The themes covered are wide-ranging and relevant in a real life.

The word lists were useful, as well as the exercises and the teaching method as well.

The small group size is very positive.

What needs to be changed?

We definitely appreciate any critical comments, and we mostly try to take them into account. We often find them to be "wishes still waiting to be fulfilled" and they help us to keep improving our Czech Language Courses in Prague and in Olomouc. We react at all the suggestions right away.

It is logical that people from all over the world have different expectations. If you find out that you got somewhere you do not want to be at all, you get your Course Fee back.

You can find further feedback on our Czech Language Courses in Prague and Olomouc in other language versions of our website.