Our Teaching Approach and Teachers

Learn about our Teaching Approach and Teachers

The Way We Teach Czech for Foreigners
We are passionate about Czech language teaching and aim to provide well-structured interactive lessons tailored to each group in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our dedicated teachers teach a wide selection of Czech language courses in Prague and in Olomouc which guarantee a steady yet fun progression. We make our lessons enjoyable, because we believe that when you are having fun, you are learning even more. Choosing to study with us means you can expect clear progress.

Our Czech language courses are  are designed to help students make rapid progress in Czech. We focus on the four key language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – with lots of additional work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation according to the needs of each group. And we always make sure to see the forest and not just the trees, i. e. we are not teaching for teaching but our goal is to teach you successful communication in Czech.


Czech Language Teachers
Classes are conducted by Czech native speakers. Our motivated and motivating teachers are all qualified, experienced professionals who use a variety of techniques in the classroom: one moment you might be taking part in group discussions, the next, working individually or in pairs.

Our teachers have either graduated from the Charles University in Prague and the Palacký University in Olomouc. They really enjoy teaching Czech.

Small Classes and a Wide Range of Support

Placement tests will help us to assign you to the most suitable group. There are from 3 up to maximum 8 students in each group. We offer the courses you need, from a short 'top-up' of your language skills to an intensive exam-focused class.

Our aim is to support the individuality of each participant. We create a lot of our own teaching resources. The content of our materials is always personalized to address the specific needs of our students.
Feel free to check some of our materials: Czech to Download, Learn Czech Online, Czech Textbook for Beginners.

Czech Language Courses Offered

We offer fantastic Czech language courses for students at all levels – from elementary language classes to courses for translators and interpreters. We develop your personal and professional Czech communication skills quickly and effectively. You can opt for a group course, individual tuition or Skype lessons.

We can enable afternoon mutual language exchange for those who are willing to practise their acquired language knowledge with local people.

Sounds good to you? To experience our approach for yourself, just get in touch with us. We are really looking forward to teaching you Czech!

A group of students A group of students Outing - near Javoříčko caves