Guiding in Prague and in the Czech Republic

Are you holiday makers?
Business travellers?
History buffs?
Culture seekers?
Sports freaks?

Whatever reason you travel for, if you share your expectations with me, I will prepare the best possible programme just for your stay.

In the course of years of guiding I have gained a lot of experience as well as having established a great number of important contacts in the travel industry. But in addition to that I keep reading and learning anything relevant and I am always eager for the latest information and news.

I started guiding Czech groups all over the Czech Republic and Europe in 1991. Since 1998 I have been mainly guiding foreign visitors to the Czech Republic. From 1999 to 2001 I was working in the travel industry in the U.A.E. (in Dubai) and in Qatar (Doha).

I am pleased most when people decide to come back to the Czech Republic because I make myself (rightly?) believe it is at least partly to my credit.

In addition to a friendly and professional approach you can take for granted that

  • all walks and tours are offered in the English, German, French, Russian, Dutch/Flemish and Czech languages
  • multilingual maps, DVDs, guide books on all the destinations are available
  • discounts for selected restaurants, shops and theatres are provided

I remain Your Jitka Štecová


  • General Tour Guide Certificate (1991)
  • Prague Tour Guide Certificate (1998)
  • Prague Jewish Museum Guide Certificate (2006)
1 hour CZK 600*
whole day – 8 hours, i.e. 1 hour for free CZK 4,200*
each additional hour over 8 hours a day CZK 500*

* for prices in EUR see Exchange Rate published by the Czech National Bank

If you need basic Information about the Czech Republic, you might find the following youtube video useful: