Are you holiday makers?
Business travellers?
History buffs?
Culture seekers?
Sports freaks?

Whatever reason you travel for, if you share your expectations with me, I will prepare the best possible programme just for your stay.

In the course of years of guiding I have gained a lot of experience as well as having established a great number of important contacts in the travel industry. But in addition to that I keep reading and learning anything relevant and I am always eager for the latest information and news.

I started guiding Czech groups all over the Czech Republic and Europe in 1991. Since 1998 I have been mainly guiding foreign visitors to the Czech Republic. From 1999 to 2001 I was working in the travel industry in the U.A.E. (in Dubai) and in Qatar (Doha).

I am pleased most when people decide to come back to the Czech Republic because I make myself (rightly?) believe it is at least partly to my credit.

In addition to a friendly and professional approach you can take for granted that

  • all walks and tours are offered in the English, German, French, Russian, Dutch/Flemish and Czech languages
  • multilingual maps, DVDs, guide books on all the destinations are available
  • discounts for selected restaurants, shops and theatres are provided

I remain Your Jitka Štecová


  • General Tour Guide Certificate (1991)
  • Prague Tour Guide Certificate (1998)
  • Prague Jewish Museum Guide Certificate (2006)
1 hour CZK 500/ EUR 20*
whole day - 8 hours, i.e. 1 hour for free CZK 3,500/ EUR 140*
each additional hour over 8 hours a day CZK 450/ EUR 18*

EUR 1 = approx. CZK 25

If you need basic Information about the Czech Republic, you might find the following youtube video useful: